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On Nov 18, 2015 Peter Grant Johnson was posthumously given the “Entrepreneurial Community Builder Award.” “Peter truly loved people and followed the mantra ‘Give Before You Get’ noted Carrie Van Heyst Johnson in her acceptance speech. Carrie, Ruehl and Fearon graciously accepted the award and believe everyone can be a builder and believer. View some event pictures and read Carrie’s speech denoting a wonderful story about how Peter touched a young man’s life.

Excerpt from Boulder Chamber Award by Carrie Van Heyst Johnson

Testament from the real power of helping others. An email:

Hi Carrie,

It's been a while now since we have last talked! I hope you and your family are well! Thank you again for your message on Mother's Day earlier this year; I think back to that often. I wanted to write to update you on my journey, as it has been propelled by the events from this year and last. I hope that your time since we talked has been well and full of purpose.

Well to start out, I now live in New York City. Saying that brings an awry smile to my face, in that Peter disliked the city so much. But honestly, I wouldn't be here now without the impact and guidance he had on me at a critical point in my life. See, I was lost when I was working at Van Heyst Group. Peter showed me grace and understanding during that period and allowed me into a world I never knew. He taught me that people were just people. That I could still laugh, talk and bs with anybody. The walls I put up in my mind about social-classes and thoughts that I was never good enough for higher echelons started to vanish. I started to believe in something greater. I believed that I could have an impact.

So, I am reaching for that dream now. I work for a men's clothing company called [name removed for privacy] in sales right now. Shortly after Peter's passing, I told you that my target was fashion. Sparked further by your contact at Ralph Lauren, I have developed my ideas and have started working on how to create positive change. By having the most senior figure in the industry in the back of my mind, my search has been large and deep for what solutions are truly needed. …

People should not be judged in comparison to one another by what they have and do not have. The fashion industry is built on this fear in exclusivity. Instead, I want to represent each and every person in love of their uniqueness. Therefore I need to build a platform in which each individual is promoted in their uniqueness of character and body. I have found a solution to this. And it hasn't been created yet. So that's the reason I am in New York, to solve this problem.

I have a lot to figure out how to make this all happen and I need to develop new skills to make it a reality. But, I hope to network myself to this end, and have seen how hard the road will be. In the end, life is only abundant in the relationships you create and share. I believe my impact will be on billions. It is time to spread the love, for the people.

He signs off, Go achieve,

Thank you Boulder community. Thank you we’ve been shown so much love. In gratitude.

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